3 min readMay 10, 2021


A moon mission backed by the smartest minds on earth.

DOGE-2 is a community owned protocol that aims to reward token holders and let them earn dividends with static farming. Our autonomous base fee sets an artificial price floor by sending tokens to a burn address after every transaction.

We come to the fact the we are Elon Musk’s pet project so we will get a lot of free publicity from none other than the man himself and will constantly be trending on Twitter and also the wider web.

DOGE-2 aims to achieve the impossible and is calculated to result on a moon mission that hasn’t yet been seen in the Binance Smart Chain.

We understand that safety is paramount for investor confidence. Hence the DOGE-2 smart contract will be a verified and public contract, our investors stay safe. The ownership of the smart contract will be renounced and the smart contract will also undergo an independent audit by Shield audit and Solidity audit.

The Developer will hold no tokens and a small amount of the supply will be directed towards marketing.

What does our marketing plan include?

  • Intensive social media growth
  • YouTube campaign
  • Twitter campaign
  • Tik-Tok campaign
  • DOGE-2 giveaways
  • Large screen adverts
  • Poocoin market adverts

With a massive day one trading volume we are expecting we anticipate that after day two we should have officially been listed on Coingecko. Following this we will immediately commence our campaign for a centralized listing.

DOGE-2 the official doge coin killer will be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. Don’t miss out on this one!


Safety a paramount for the DOGE-2 listing hence the pre-sale will be conducted using the DxSale launchpad platform. The DOGE-2 trading pairs will automatically be made available by DxSale launchpad at the end of the pre-sale.

The liquidity will be locked till year 2100 and the ownership of the smart contract making the project SAFU.

DOGE-2 functions to restrict whales to inherit a large supply and sell off for larger profit instantaneously with our tax rate.

DOGE-2 makes trading fair, easier, and safer.

Furthermore an audit of the smart contract will also be commissioned for independent verification and to gain investors confidence in the project.

🚀 hardcap 🚀 [32 BNB]
🚀 softcap 🚀 [26 BNB]
🚀 per 0.5 BNB 🚀 [5,000,000,000,000 $DOGE-2]
🚀 fair list 🚀[listing price = pre-sale price]


💥 Market supply 💥 [1,000,000,000,000]
💥 Pre-sale 💥 [320,000,000,000,000] 32%
💥 Liquidity 💥 [260,000,000,000,000] 26%
💥 Burn wallet 💥 [25,800,000,000,000] 25,8% BURN?
💥 Developer 💥 [115,000,000,000,000] 11,5% BURN?
💥 Marketing 💥 [40,000,000,000,000] 4%
💥 DxSale fee 💥 [7,000,000,000,000] 0,7%


[tax: 6%]


• Raise — dxsale
• Live swap pairs
• DOGE-2 listing
• Burn supply
• Lock liquidity for pairs
• Intensive social growth
• Marketing campaign
• Twitter campaign
• Techrate audit
• DOGE-2 large giveaway
• Deltacanny listing
• Blockfolio listing
• Shield audit
• Coinmarketcap listing
• Coingecko isting
• Solidity audit
• Poocoin market ads
• Coinbit listing
• Whitebit listing





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